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RE/MAX Platine team of real estate brokers. 
Our mission is to satisfy your real estate needs by ensuring that your experience is a pleasant one.

Driss Lemrini Team

  • Driss Lemrini
    Driss Lemrini
  • Ismail Lemrini
    Ismail Lemrini

    As a real estate broker with over a decade of customer service expertise, I provide exceptional service. My commitment to client satisfaction is strengthened by this extensive background. Attentive listening to your needs is an integral part of my practice, and I'm available around the clock to assist and guide you through the real estate process.

    My determination to fulfill your projects is a result of this extensive background. I understand the importance of finding the perfect home or selling yours, and I apply my expertise to this endeavor. My attention to detail is honed through years of customer service, ensuring every aspect of the real estate transaction is managed transparently and explained thoroughly. Honesty and openness have always been my priorities in client interactions.

    With my acquired skills, I'm fully prepared to be the dedicated partner who will help you achieve your real estate goals. My commitment to transparency and attention to detail are deeply ingrained in my professional career.

  • Driss Lemrini Driss Lemrini
  • Ismail Lemrini Ismail Lemrini

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